Executive coaching

Do you wish you had a trusted advisor by your side with whom you could discuss your greatest business challenges and gain expert advice on how best to resolve them? chiefexeccoach offers individual executive coaching programs to chief executives of small to mid-sized businesses as well as business unit leaders in much larger organizations to help them better leverage their natural leadership strengths and implement new leadership practices where needed. These individual coaching programs can be customized to address a variety of specific leadership topics, business opportunities, and key challenges you may be facing.

Our coaching programs often focus on the following leadership practices to enable our clients to be better leaders:
  • Self-awareness and greater executive presence
  • Productivity and priority management
  • Strategic focus and thinking
  • Delegation and accountability
  • Team development
  • Positive and constructive feedback

What if you have a high-potential leader you want to support in becoming promotion-ready though? Or maybe you have a leader on your team who isn’t meeting your performance expectations and needs to implement some new leadership practices.  chiefexeccoach also provides one-to-one coaching to your immediate direct reports and other senior leaders. In this regard, these more targeted programs can be extremely beneficial for providing “corrective coaching” to leaders who may be struggling to meet their current role requirements – helping them reassess their current behaviors and business practices and get back on track.

Regardless of the leader’s level or specific role, all of our Executive Coaching programs begin with an initial assessment to determine what’s already working well and what that leader can improve moving forward. We then co-create personal development plans with each of the leaders we are coaching and provide three to six months of direct coaching support. At the end of our Executive Coaching programs, we then conclude with a post-coaching leadership review to measure the progress achieved and identify any further developmental needs.

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