Are you the owner or Chief Executive of a privately-held company or family business? Or maybe you are the President or General Manager of a particular division or business unit within a much larger organization. Either way, congratulations! You have achieved what very few in our country are able to achieve – LEADERSHIP!

    Who do you go to for Leadership support?

    More than that, how do you keep current with the latest management strategies and continue developing your leadership skills over time? You can’t discuss your greatest challenges and concerns with your employees and you may not want to tell your Board or fellow divisional leaders about everything you are facing.

    At chiefexeccoach, we provide advisory support for leaders like you to help address your greatest business challenges and achieve powerful breakthrough results. From strategy to succession, chiefexeccoach offers executive leaders five distinct solutions to improve performance and produce better business results. These solutions focus on addressing your greatest challenges at an individual, group, and organizational level. Click here for a quick video about us.

    “Jeremy led us through a significant and what we feared could be a very challenging leadership transition. In addition to coaching our retiring CEO and his successor, Jeremy facilitated several critical meetings with our Board members. Thanks to his masterful facilitation skills and steady guidance throughout the process, our Association is now in a great place to move forward!”
    Mark Blanchard, President & CEO, New Orleans Cold Storage/
    Past Chairman, International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses


    Jeremy S. Lurey, Ph.D.
    President & CEO

    Previously honored as a Top “40 Under 40” executive of the year, Dr. Lurey excels at helping business leaders identify their strategic objectives and develop the action plans required to achieve their future goals. Dr. Lurey also has particular expertise facilitating individual and group coaching programs to enable leaders to act more “leader-like” and focus on what matters most, holding their teams accountable for achieving their strategic objectives.

    Dr. Lurey holds MS and PhD degrees in Organizational Psychology as well as a BS degree in Communications. In addition to his role with chiefexeccoach, Dr. Lurey manages Plus Delta Consulting, a well-respected and sought-after consulting firm that was recently named “Best Management Consulting Firm” by Wealth & Finance International. He frequently presents at professional conferences and seminars and has authored several publications on succession planning, strategic planning, organization development, change management, leadership excellence, and family business. Dr. Lurey previously worked at both PricewaterhouseCoopers and Andersen Consulting.

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