Innovation workshops

Do you have a breakdown or other bottleneck in your business you can’t seem to resolve? Or maybe you’re so busy fire-fighting and handling the constant crises of the day that you never have the time to discuss that future-focused innovation you know exists for your Company. chiefexeccoach designs and facilitates custom leadership retreats and group working sessions for chief executives and their teams to help them assess their current business challenges and develop the innovative solutions that will produce powerful breakthrough results. These Innovation Workshops are critical to the success of any organization because you need to plan where you’re going and how you’re going to get there if you are going to achieve your strategic business objectives. If you don’t, you run the risk of never reaching your intended destination.

Traditional strategic planning approaches are based on a model of reviewing your past accomplishments and charting your course for continued success in the future. At chiefexeccoach, we prefer a model that focuses on producing breakthrough innovations by identifying your ideal future irrespective of your past. We then develop your strategic action plan by working backwards from this ideal future state. Planning your future from the future rather than a place of what may be predictable based on the past enables powerful “out of the box” thinking rather than constraining you to where your organization has already been.

Our Innovation Workshops can be tailored to address a variety of key challenges or critical business objectives, including:
  • Team building for individual team members to establish greater trust and rapport with one another
  • Strategic planning to determine your Company’s “lighthouse” and envision your ideal future state
  • Goal setting to translate your longer-term objectives into more actionable near-term micro-goals
  • Brainstorming and group working sessions to streamline your business processes and address your most critical performance issues

Typically, these sessions last anywhere from just a few hours to a couple of days. However you design your Innovation Workshop, don’t waste the time and money to convene a session like this without a facilitator. Perhaps the greatest value of these Innovation Workshops is that you – the executive leader – can be present as a participant rather than having to facilitate the session yourself. That allows you to contribute to the innovation process with your team rather than focusing on driving the session yourself.

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